Smart Places

Smart Places Feasibility Study

Smart Places

A project to build the responsiveness of our regional economy to modern, new and transformative global trends. Utilising our strongest resource in our people, to construct a resilient, dynamic and adaptive community. This region can lead Ireland into new industries, sectors and opportunities. What does this mean? What are the attributes of a Smart Region?

Some of the world’s most innovative solutions exist in our region, across energy, healthcare, industry, commerce, communities etc. Our entrepreneurs are globally recognised for research, innovation and technology. Convergence between industry, government and state bodies illustrates numerous examples of ‘smart solutions’. Our intrapreneurs within sectors are applying innovation to traditional industries and practices with transformative affect.

Capturing and utilising these skills is essential both to the future of our region but also in continuing to attract global and national investment.

Smart Places Regional Readiness Report

Smart Places Readiness Report Ver 2.0


Smart Governance Smart Education Smart Healthcare
Smart Building Smart Mobility Smart Infrastructure
Smart Technology Smart Energy Smart Environment
Smart Utilities Smart Innovation Smart Communities
Smart Agriculture Smart Marine Smart Commerce
Smart Tourism Smart Industry Smart Policies


Where is this happening?

This smart region feasibility study covers the counties of Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo and Leitrim in Connacht, the Ulster counties of Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal also Clare in Munster. The work will bring together the public sector, the private sector and communities within the region. It will focus on citizens, academia, social partners, NGO’s, public authorities, businesses including SMEs, start-up companies, business organisations, creative sectors and social entrepreneurs.

The Drive behind Smart Places

Smart Places aims to enhance the reputation of this region of Ireland as an attractive place to live, work, visit and do business. We aim to develop a world class public infrastructure and regional governance structure using technological solutions that will allow all stakeholders in the region to participate in decision making and enjoy an enhanced environment.

This initiative will compliment and support the growing number of organisations in the region who are already working with smart solutions to improve our local communities, from localised renewable energy generation to so-called Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and open connected data portals.

Smart Places will enable us to build sufficient capacity to optimise smarter solutions of governance, attract inward investment and develop centres of excellence for specific smart initiatives.

Who is behind the project currently

This project is a partnership between The Northern and Western Regional Assembly, The Western Development Commission and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway. It will deliver a strategy to develop a world class smart region. It will focus on discovery and capacity building within the region.

Welcome to Phase 1

The feasibility study stage of the project is aiming to capture existing examples across the region. We want to hear your solution, project or initiative. Imagine the potential of a platform that captures all our regional ‘smart’ potential? A powerful tool that can be utilised by industry, government and community to build a brighter, more connected future.

Example of a Smart Region – Helsinki

Example of an Irish Community Digital Hub – The Ludgate Hub – Skibereen

Example of a college based Incubator Space – New Frontiers – GMIT

Example of an Innovation Centre – The Portershed – Galway City Innovation District (GCID)